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For Fred Weasley Lovers
You sit in rows of desk with a seemingly endless test that every witch and wizard dread- the O.W.L.s examination. Everyone is equally spaced out and kept quite, minus the scrapping of their quills on the exam papers. You hear your friend Ron- who sits in front of you- sigh deeply. You know he's thinking the same as you They expect us to know all of this?? I'm doomed! Even your friend Hermione seemed to be struggling. You also noticed that behind you where Harry sat was quite, not even his quill was writing. The new Headmistress Umbridge was standing at the very front of the class just watching everyone take their exams. She had an uncanny grin on her face- one that made you shudder in your seat.
  The giant tail of the clock casually swung behind her, making a slight tick noise every time it passed. You found it getting rather annoying.
  Suddenly there was a faint boom sound from outside. You turn in your seat to the door. You see others looking too. Another
:iconbblondiegrl07:bblondiegrl07 44 73
Ficlet: Fred Weasley
Title: Last Laugh
Penname: MickeyMadison or Chellendora
Pairing: Fred/reader
Warnings: Angst, death, depression
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, but if I did I wouldn't have killed Fred! D:
Last Laugh
"Fred, put me down!" you shrieked into the ear of the much taller red headed boy. He had thrown you over his shoulder and was running towards the lake with every intention of throwing you in. "Don't you dare! Fred!"
Fred only laughed and upon reaching the edge of the lake, tossed you into the water. You didn't go without a fight though, because before you were completely free of him, you managed to grab a hold of the front of his robes and bring him in with you.

You smiled at the memory, looking up at the sky as you rocked back and forth on your porch swing. Fred had always been a lot of fun, even when you were mad. But looking back on it, being dunked into the lake wasn't all that bad.
You stood on the tips of your toes
:iconchellendora:Chellendora 64 17
Misunderstandings (Fred Weasley X Reader)
“Oi! George! Save me!” You called as Fred carried you away. George just shrugged before turning around and walking off.
“Traitor!” You screeched. You were very close to the twins, but you had always felt something more for Fred. Hence why you wanted to get out of his grasp. You may have a small crush on him, but you didn’t trust where this was going.
“Fred, can you put me down? My skirt is riding up…” You said sheepishly. You could feel your skirt climbing higher up your body and you did not like it.
“Nope!” Fred said cheerfully. “Nice bum by the way.” Fred said teasingly. You flushed and tried to wriggle from his grasp.
It did not work how you wanted it to.
You ended up tumbling to the ground, and somehow dragged Fred down on top of you. You blushed again and tried to wriggle away from him, but Fred refused to move.
“Can you please get off of me George?” You asked when Fred still kept you pinned down.
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 747 113
Exploring (Fred Weasley X Reader)
WARNING: Sexual themes/content
You woke up to a faint tapping. You crawled groggily out of your warm bed, and walked over to the window that was next to your bed. You opened it slightly, to see a school owl with a letter strapped to its leg. You looked at it in surprise, who would send you anything, let alone with a school owl? With a shrug, you untied the letter and tossed it onto your bed. You stroked the owl for a moment before it flew off and you shut the window. You walked quietly back to your bed, you didn’t want to wake anyone, and carefully unrolled the piece of paper. It said:
Hey __y/n__!
Be down in the common room in ten minutes.
See you then!
The person didn’t sign their name, and you weren’t sure who wrote it. It sounded kind of like something the Weasley twins would write, but you had no idea why they’d want you to be in the common room. You were pretty good friends with them, but it was, you glanced at the alarm clock on your nightstand, one of th
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 819 208
Reward (Fred Weasley X Reader)
You followed the crowd of Gryffindors to the Quidditch field, decked out in scarlet and gold. Gryffindor was playing Ravenclaw, and you were of course hoping Gryffindor would win, as that was your house. You waited outside the Gryffindor changing room once you arrived down at the Quidditch field, so you could wish your brother good luck. When he stepped out, his face downcast, you walked up to him and promptly smacked his head. He looked around wildly before his eyes landed on you.
“Oliver Robert Wood, what the hell are you doing?” You asked angrily, gesturing at the dark circles under his eyes and the messy way he had put his robes on. Oliver sighed before looking tiredly at you.
“Potter’s sick, and now we have no Seeker.” You blanched at this, and hurriedly threw your arms around your brother’s neck. You were only two years younger than him, but your head only reached to his chest and you had to stand on your tiptoes to reach his neck.
Oliver quick
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 525 66
LokixReader~Black of heart,Pure of soul~ch.1
It was 5 months after your strange dream...if it was a dream, that is...
Never the less, you tried to look pass it, and get back to your life...What little life you had...
You were alone had always been.
You did have a family, but they were never there for you. They always wanted to be something you weren't and when you said no, they kicked you out, you have been on your own ever since.
But being alone, it was not troublesome, you were used to it...You didn't really have friends, you just didn't have the time.
It was just you, your job at the cafe, and a tiny little apartment...
It was the only job you could find, and the only place you could afford...
You didn't complain though, it was better than being homeless after all.
But today, would have a slight twist, hopefully for the better.
~~~ At the Cafe~~~
The cafe you worked at, was small, but was always busy, you worked none stop, getting coffee, and other things for customers, it was quite the cha
:iconhalomindy:halomindy 67 45
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